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Service Providers

How to use this site

The Special Needs Housing Search feature assists Service Providers in locating housing for traditionally hard-to-place clients, specifically the following:
To become a registered Service Provider, please follow the protocol outlined below:
  1. The individual or the provider agency may contact at 1-877-428-8844 to request access to landlords who have opted to work with local agencies that serve individuals and families who may be facing housing barriers.
  2. will contact the Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA) to ensure that the provider meets eligibility requirements as a provider. This will include verification of confidentiality or HIPAA training. Validation of training may be confirmed by membership in Pathways HMIS registration.
  3. If a Service Provider is not a member of Pathways, the requesting organization will need to produce proof of such confidentiality/HIPAA training.
  4. Once membership and/or confidentiality training is verified, will provide the requesting agency individuals their user identification and password for access and log in to the GHS system.

If already registered, please log in to your existing account here.